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1. It was interesting to learn about the challenges South Asian countries face in global stage. I didn’t know South Asia was referred as the least economically joined region in the world and that it has not developed its trade to its potential although geographically its is ideal for trade. I got to know that only less than 20% of South Asia’s hydropower is developed and shared.
It was also interesting to know that South Asian rivers offer more than energy. The growth could be increased massively by trade and sharing goods among countries, but regional trade is the lowest in the world which is surprising. Border crossings and trade in South Asia are not properly routed and its being congested and cost for trade seems to be higher in South Asia than outside. It was good to know that South Asia has its resources already it just needs cooperation among countries to solve its challenges.
Another interesting thing that I found was about my country Sri Lanka ranked the highest in South Asia in HDI and the 73rd in the world with the highest expected schooling years and literacy rates and life expectancies. Although Sri Lanka faced a civil war for around 30 years luckily the government and people were able to recover faster and to make it a better country that standout today among many countries in South Asia and as well as the world.


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