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1.0 Psychological Factors
There are some psychological factors that influenced a person’s buying choices.
1.1 Motivation
Motivation is a need that is sufficiently pressing to direct the person to seek satisfaction of the need. Marketers put large amount of effort to figure out the motive behind a customer’s purchase to identify the stimuli that motives a person
1.2 Perception
Perception is the process by which people select, organize, and interpret information to form a meaningful picture of the world. For example, AirAsia come out with the slogan- ‘Now everyone can fly’. They put this slogan in every advertisement, social media, billboard and online and it catch everyone eyes. When the consumers want to buy an airline ticket, AirAsia will be the first which come to mind.
1.3 Learning
As we all know, AirAsia owns by Tune group who also owns the hotel chain of Tune Hotel. They come out with a flight and hotel packages which they sell the airline tickets together with the hotel fares. Customers are able to travel in a cheaper and convenient way. There are also multiples hotel choices so the customer can choose different classification of hotels depends on their needs through AirAsia’s website. Customers learned that they are able to purchase air tickets and hotel fares through online.