20mg of spinel ferrite powders was dispersed in 370

April 26, 2019 0 Comment

20mg of spinel ferrite powders was dispersed in 370?L of absolute alcohol mixed solvents along with 30?L of a Nafion solution, and the mixture was sonicated for 30 min. Then, 170?L of above solution was dropcast /step by step onto the surface of Ni foam, the catalyst was finally pressed on the hydraulic press at the 8 ton/cm-2 and dried at room temperature.The electrocatalytic behavior of the synthesized catalysts were tested on a CHI660D (Chenhua, Shanghai) electrochemical workstation using a three electrode system with 1M KOH aqueous solution. The chemical composition of [email protected] foam was used as the working electrode, while Pt wire as a contour electrode and Hg/HgO electrode as reference electrode. The potential was converted to reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE) with literature values for parallel comparison, according to the Nernst equation,