esponse by Drs to Viewpoint 2

March 15, 2019 0 Comment

esponse by Drs to Viewpoint 2:
State dental boards are often accused of controlling future competition by limiting the number of
applicants who pass the state or regional licensure examinations.49 State boards are also criticized for not
addressing the important function of re
-licensure.50 While recent graduates are more likely to be aware of
the more up to date technologies, a veteran practitioner may be practicing outmoded techniques.
Unfortunately, annual re
-registration is not nationally calibrated, and some states merely require the
dentists to update their address and to pay a fee.50 If state boards truly functioned to protect the public,
implementing re
-registration guidelines to ensure competency of licensed practitioners would be far more
effective in protecting the public than mandating one clinical exam over another as a means of gaining
initial licensure