In April 2003

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In April 2003, BT unveiled its current corporate identity and brand
values. Reflecting the aspirations of a technologically innovative future,
the connected world symbol is bright, strong and clear and embodies
BT’s five corporate values. The values of Trustworthy and Helpful are
long-standing BT service values and are supported by forward-looking
values of Inspiring, Straightforward and Heart

In the summer of 2004, BT launched Consult 21, an industry consultation for BT’s 21st century
network (21CN) programme. 21CN is the world’s most ambitious and radical next generation
network transformation and will transform the communication infrastructure of the UK by 2010.
Using internet protocol technology, 21CN will replace the existing networks and enable converged
multimedia communications – that is communications from any device such as mobile phone, PC,
PDA or home phone, to any other device.