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In this section, the focus would be on customers who might make or break the deal. They need to identify the section of the society which would easily be able to relate to the product. In the case of Virtual Reality Technology, such section would be teenagers, especially between the age group of 13-17 years, as these kids are more inclined towards games and are aware of the trends and latest technologies. The company can collaborate with gaming parlors and gaming zones to showcase its product. It can organize exhibitions, give demonstrations on how this Virtual reality technology works and thus obtain first hand feedback from people who will be actually using it.
And also as my profile within the company is designing and therefore the interviews would be conducted by asking the persons who will play an active role in terms of decision making process whether a product will be bought and the product’s potential improvements (In Text Referencing).
Basically those people who are into technology, who have a detailed understanding of it as they can give us a detailed understanding on the product’s strength, its weaknesses as well as in what ways the product can be improved. In order to specify these people we can talk about users who have used similar products for example Samsung Users when Samsung partnered with Oculus VR to co-develop the Samsung Gear VR which is compatible only with Samsung devices or any other similar products which have been launched previously. (