rational exponents

March 20, 2019 0 Comment

rational exponents, indices, index numbers, and powers are all used in our modern day world of advanced technology. People who use rational exponents are Economists, Bankers, Biologists, Financial Advisors, Chemists, Engineers, Sound Engineers, Statisticians, Computer Programmers, Physicists, Geographers, Mathematicians, Geologists as well as many other professions.
The financial industry uses rational exponents to compute interest, depreciation and other kinds of regular calculations. If you are considering any kind of career in science, you need a solid grasp of exponents. Exponents are used in many scientific calculations. Doctors may use exponents to figure out how quickly a disease is going to spread, as antigens multiply themselves to attack the body. Research scientists often use exponents to help them perform statistical calculations and interpret data.


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